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Interview with the Belgium international under 16 Laurent Lemoine from Club Brugge:

Fussball-Talente: Could you discribe the feeling when you play your first match for the Belgium under 16 team?

Laurent Lemoine: I want t first clarify, the staff of the Belgian National Teams starts with the selections from U14.

With U15, I played against: Italy, Netherland, Switzerland, Wales and North Ireland.

U16, in the beginning of this season, I played against Germany, one of the best team of the world, it was a very good feeling.

The match was very hard, physically and technically but we won de match 4-1.

After de game I had a good feeling, the team played very well so did I.

Fussball-Talente: Talking about you. What position do you play. What's your strength and your weekness?

Laurent Lemoine: My favorite position is central defender.

My strength are, my physical game, I rarely lose my duels, I have a good positioning and I like infiltrate between the lines.

My weakness, I must continue to work on my left foot.



Fussball-Talente: What was the reason for you to start playing football? Did you get support from your family?

Laurent Lemoine: My parents liked football and I also wanted to play. I started in URLC (former URS Centre) at 4 years.

Gabi my brother plays soccer also at RAEC Mons in the first division.

My parents have always followed my brother and me. Today we play in clubs 150km away, Saturday my brother play in de morning and me in the afternoon but our parents are present at each match.



Fussball-Talente: How would you judge your personal performance this season?

Laurent Lemoine: After a small physical problem of growth and with the help of medical staff and coaches of FC Bruges, I'm back to my best level and I continue my progress.

With my Club FC Bruges, we are leading the championship with ten points ahead of the second and we want to be champion.

I come back with the Belgian Team from UEFA Development Tournament at St Georges Park in UK where we played against Denmark, Spain and the England.

I played full matches against Spain and England as captain, I think that I played two excellent performance against two very good teams.



Fussball-Talente: How often do you practice in a week? What is the main focus?

Laurent Lemoine: I train 7 times per week.

In the morning, we train with Sven Vermant (ex Belgian international), we are working our advanced features and improved our weaknesses.

In the evening, we participate in collective training with our team coach Carlo Van Grimberghe.

Fussball-Talente: What about your education? Is it possible to coordinate school and football?

Laurent Lemoine: FC Bruges has partnered with a private school "Leerwijzer" which allows us to have an education adapted to our sport.

If everything goes well, I should have my high school diploma in January next year.


How do you rate the practice grounds and environment of Club Brugge?

The Environment of FC Bruges is outstanding at any point of view. I grew into a sports and educational workplace.

We have very good condition to play football. I have the chance to play in the best training center of the country.

Fussball-Talente: What do you think are the main differences between Belgium and German youth national teams?

Laurent Lemoine: I think the German game is based on physics and organization like Belgium. we won the first game 4-1 but we lost the second 0-1. Evidence that Germany have the quality improved or adapted the way they play.

Germany is like Belgium a good European nation preparing for the European championship next year.


What was your brightest moment of your football career?

My first selection with de National Team against Italy (won 1-0)

Fussball-Talente: What are your targets for the future?

Laurent Lemoine: The near future: to be champion this year with FC Bruges.
For the future: I want play in the first team at FC Bruges and then play in the Premier League.

Fussball-Talente: What is your favourite team beneath Club Brugge?

Laurent Lemoine: Chelsea, the dream team.

But I also want to thank the URLC and RAEC Mons who helped me reach my current level.


Thank you Laurent for giving this interview. 



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